New to Smarthings advice

(Daniel Grimes) #1


I am looking to move over to Smartthings from Ninjablocks. I like Ninjablock, but it is not anywhere near reliable enough for me. Smarthings sounds much more interesting.

However, one of the really nice features of Ninjablock is controlling my Hue lights when I play, pause a movie etc, on XBMC.

I see there is an XBMC add on here - XBMC Automation with Smartthings

Which looks great, I’m just a bit confused, does anyone know if the Python script are just shells that the add ons point to, or do they need to be correctly written scripts, if they are, and anyone could give me an example of one, that would be much appreciated.



(Ben Edwards) #2

A quick search came up with these:

Additionally, SmartThings and Logitech have teamed up on an integration with their Harmony remote that will allow much of this sort of thing.

(Daniel Grimes) #3


Thanks for this. I did find the XBMC automation links, but what I’m looking for is a bit more clarity before I dive in.

I need to know how the python script works, and if it can be set up so that if you play a movie, the lights will dim, and when you stop they will come back up?

I saw the Logitech integration recently, which is interesting, but I don’t really want to have two hubs on the go.

If anyone could give me some info on XBMC integration with lights, and the best way yo do it without Logitech, I would be very grateful.



(Ben Edwards) #4

I would try tagging the people (@handle) who were a part of those discussions or commenting in those discussions