New to Hive thermostat and smartthings about to purchace both

Hi i hope you can help…
I’m about to move into a new house with brand new hive thermostats x2.
I need to purchase an alarm system and thinking of using smart things to create a custom one.
Firstly will the thermostats integrate with st without a hive hub?
Secondly what st additions do people recommend. I planned on purchasing the starter kit from currys in UK.
Please help

Anyone out there please help

You need the hive hub to connect your thermostat to the web.
There’s not much you can do with it with st apart from adding it to a Routine and you can get Alexa or google home to turn it on/off up/down.

I have now purchased the hive hub also. Can you point me in the direction of a guide for adding non samsung devices to smartthings I see lots of code out there

You do know there’s a search bar at the top ?
I just searched hive for you .

Thank you yeah I just wondered if there was anything else to know. Once I get into my new house Tuesday I’m sure I’m going to have some fun (and loss of sleep) trying to get my project off the ground.