New sonoff zigbee

But still not working today

Maybe I’m not installing it properly.

You did the first step, driver downloaded to your hub.

  • Now you have to uninstall your sensor with the app
  • place the sensor near the hub and put it into pairing mode by pressing the button for several seconds. Until flash the led of the sensor.
  • In the app click on add device and click on search nearby.
  • Wait for the sensor to appear and wait about 30 seconds or more for device configure.
  • open the sensor and it should work.

If the temperature does not appear, touch it a little with your hand to speed up a temperature change.

  • It is configured with the default values:
  • Minimum interval 30 sec
  • Maximum interval 5 minutes
  • Reported change always 0.1°c

If you want to change them, go to device settings and change them one by one.

  • When you change them, pressing save, driver sends the new configuration to the device, it has to receive it and accept it, give it some time between changes, it may not accept it and you have to repeat it.

With that you can play later

Thanks. I didn’t install it properly. I will try that

If you have automations, they will be lost on uninstall.
If you don’t want to lose them, add another device to the automation before uninstalling sensor and when you reinstall it, you change that device for the sensor in each automation

I went thru your procedure. But now it shows battery at 0

Now it seems to be working thanks.

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That worked.
I know this is the wrong place to
Post this however I’m looking for an app or webcore that will turn on fan when humidity rises quickly to turn on fan and decreases to turn of fan. I want the fan to turn on whenever someone take a shower

That comes up a lot. I think you’ll find the cheap sensors aren’t responsive enough in a bathroom to control a fan.

A (non smart) timer switch on the fan often works better.

I installed leviton humidity sensors in other bathrooms. But unfortunately this bathroom the switches aren’t in bathroom. So that won’t work. My only other option is to change the fan with a fan that has a built in humidity sensor.

I appreciate that this is an old thread, and you may have moved on from now, but perhaps this could be useful for another reader looking for humidity control in a bathroom:

What about something like a SONOFF TH10 or TH16 with a Si7021 sensor? Stick Tasmota on it and add the Tasmota automation to ST. If you’ve never put Tasmota on something before, it can be a bit daunting, but it’s actually quite easy and well documented. Then you have in one unit the ability to turn the the fan off and on and to receive Temp and Hum readings, updated every few seconds.