New sonoff zigbee temp sensor SNZB-02D

I like the look of this.
Not available yet, but I wonder if it works with SmartThings.

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I want to know too …

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I’ve ordered a couple of these, dispatched yesterday.
I’m expecting them in the next week or so.
Anyone got one yet or know if they work with SmartThings yet?

If anyone’s interested I can confirm these sonoff zigbee temp sensors do work with SmartThings.
They report temperature and humidity.
I placed them both side by side for test purposes and they both report exactly the same temperature which I take as a very good sign.

No metric reported for battery level, not even a placeholder, which is disappointing however.

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Anyone know why the stock edge driver “zigbee humidity sensor” doesn’t report battery level for the “ SONOFF SNZB-02D Zigbee LCD Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor”.
Presumably the stock driver reports battery level for other battery powered sensors?
Any ideas @nayelyz ?

Hi @Declankh

I’m Alejandro from developer support team, What do you mean with “doesn’t report battery level”? Is the battery level 0?, please, Can please explain the problem?

Also Can you share the fingerprints that you are using on the driver? please, you can use this tool to make it simple.

Unless it identifies with the same manufacturer and model as one of the previous models without the display it may just be picking up a generic profile without a battery.

Screenshot should help explain.
There’s no battery reading at all, so not a case of it reporting zero.
Second image is output from thing driver

I am using that driver on the older Sonoff and it shows battery.

Hi @Declankh

@orangebucket is correct, one possible solution is to modify the driver add the fingerprint, and install the driver manually, or you can check if SONOFF will certify the device on SmartThings.

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Here is the screenshot.

The models without the display are eWeLink TH01 or eWeLink SBZB-02P and are fingerprinted and assigned the humidity-temp-battery profile. They are also explicitly identified for bespoke configuration in the code.

This one is a SONOFF SNZB-02D which isn’t fingerprinted and will pick up the HumidityTempGeneric fingerprint which uses the humidity-temperature profile.


I’m very interested in this sensor, as it is more user-friendly compared with the old one (where you need an app to see current readings), which I have used. Any news on the battery level display? And could you please explain what fingerprinting means in this context?

Also, I noticed that Sonoff provides the possibility to store and retrieve data for the last 6 months, but it requires installing their software and gateway. Are there any plans that Smartthings would do the same for Smartthings devices? It would be a huge benefit for people who don’t want to use multiple systems/gateways or send their data to China.

The fingerprint is used in the driver. The fingerprint identifies that the device is supported by the driver.

SNZB-02D fingerprints is
manufacturer: SONOFF
model: SNZB-02D

I’m using this driver

This driver supports the battery level display.


Thanks, good to hear! Is this the default driver when pairing with ST hub?

You have to enroll your hub suitable channel from link.
Install the driver you need on your hub and then pair your device.

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