New Smartthings Setup - Latest Device Handlers?

Webcore will probably eventually go away and be replaced by the new rules API, which may have even more features and which will probably eventually run locally, at least for some things. But again we don’t know for sure.

Also remember that the new V3 app has a much more sophisticated rules engine built into it than Classic did. These are now called “automations“ with smartapps being the stuff written in groovy. The terms are a little loose and somewhat overlapping, but if you look at the main screen in the app, if you use the + in the upper right, you are using the built-in rules engine to create Automations. (And behind the scenes those automations are created using the new rules API.)

If you use the three horizontal line menu icon in the upper left, then you will find a entry for “smartapps,“ which are the ones still written in groovy.

So I think quite a few places where you have been talking about “smartapps“ you may find that you can do what you want with “automations.“ but it will come down to the details.

The following might be of interest:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings

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