New smartthings app very few smartapps

Hi, it has been almost a year since the smartapps made an appearance in the new smartthings application but since then i havent seen one new smartapp be added. Am i missing something? Here is a screenshot of the available smartapps.

Hi @Andremain,
Instead of clicking the + icon, click the hamburger icon (3 horizontal Lines), then click on SmartApps.

Once this opens you will see the + icon which you can click to add more.

If you haven’t done so already, you will need to link to the SmartThings GitHub repository as this is where the custom apps are hosted, follow the below link for a guide how to do this:


Oh ! I did not know that! I will do it right away. Thanks a lot mate!

Not a problem, glad I was able to help :slight_smile:

Shoot! I just read that it is not available outside the US

Ahh ok, I have managed to use it in the UK, not sure about other regions

I will give it a try then

I dont have the option to enable the github connection

Also if i choose to install them manually, are these compatible with the new smartthings app?

Should be. There are still some custom made SmartApps, like the Advanced Button Controller, which crashes on the new app.

Otherwise there is an instruction somewhere how to link GitHub on a non-US account.

Have a look here:

My understanding is that most of the effort in the last year has been in improving the rules creator in the new V3 app, which now makes many individual smartapps unneeded. To access this, simply choose “add automation.“ This is a much more powerful feature than was available in the classic app.

In addition, work continues on the new “rules API” which will allow customers to write any code they want and interface with smartthings through this API. That will be the replacement for groovy smartapps going forward. But it’s still a work in progress.

FAQ: Getting Started with the new Rules API

Finally, until the new rules API is finished, I think most of the people who used to write custom smartapps have switched to writing webcore pistons instead. Webcore is essentially a scripting language for the old groovy platform And they have a very active developer community with their own forum. Many people there would be happy to help you create a custom piston if there’s something that isn’t met by the official rules creator at this time.

FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)

So basically, I think there haven’t been new smartapps released in any region because very few people are writing smartapps anymore. The official features can be found under automations In the new app. And custom work is mostly being done in Webcore right now, with a future look towards the new rules API.

@jody.albritton might be able to say more. :sunglasses:

I will echo What @JDRoberts has said here. Most of the old SmartApps existed because we lacked a powerful rule builder inside the app. Most of the basic SmartApps that exist in that github repo can be replicated using automations. You should start there before taking the plunge into custom SmartApps and trying to add github to your account. Also note that a lot of those SmartApps have not been updated in a while and you may run into issues with the new app.

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