New KickStarter: Airfy Beacon

Looks really cool. Also it looks like they are opening up some sort of level of open APIs.

Yea, does look interesting. Here’s hoping they do allow for integration with other services, as I would love a true proximity sensor to use as part of my smartthings setup.

Thinking about funding it… But I need and android app.

You can pretty much do that now with an iBeacon + Launch Center Pro + IFTTT + SmartThings

I have my MacMini server setup as an iBeacon. When my phone disconnects from the iBeacon I get a notification asking if I want to close the garage. When I swipe it, it then asks me which one I want to close.

Are ugly shapes and colors part of the hardware spec? Geez!

It should be blue. Then it would really look like Chase logo :smile:

I saw this about 6 months back and the first thing I saw was that they were absolutely hideous.
I do think that BTLE is a really cool way of knowing WHO is in each room and how to react.

I may have to move to an iPhone when the iPhone 6 comes out. It seems as though all the new HA stuff and cool things like this are going to come to iPhone first.

There are plenty of iBeacons out there already. The only difference with this one is that it’s got it’s own app, but it’s really not something you need to have.

I’m thinking about a few USB iBeacons to start having and then using Launch Control Pro to launch an appropriate app or a IFTTT trigger for SmartThings. Also, the USB iBeacons cost less. You can also make your own computer an iBeacon for either free or <$10

I could probably do some googling to figure this out myself, but whats your preferred method of turning a PC into an iBeacon, and any suggestions on usb ibeacons?

I’m a Apple guy so I couldn’t really tell you about turning a PC into an iBeacon. For OS X, there is software ranging from free to $10 that will do it for you. Also, you could simply purchase a USB powered iBeacon that will do the job too for <$30.

So what is the range on ibeacon? It sounds like a good way to work around the current crappy Smartthings Android location awareness.

What software do you run on your Mac to simulate an iBeacon?

I loaded that in Xcode and packaged it into an app.