New kickstart product a cheap Infrared Remote Control

Can you talk more about the SmartThings Integration? Specifically will I be able to execute commands from SmartThings to remotsy instead of Alexa to Remotsy? Is that anot April launch feature?

Yeah, there’s no information on the cloud, and scaling is always an issue with cloud services.

and the timeline seems very ambitious for an RF project.

I’ll look at this once it’s actually been certified and is released to market, but until then there’s no real way to evaluate it.

Yes you beat me to the news. We just launched and are very excited to hear from you guys. I have a new thread on the forum to track question regarding our kick starter. New Thread

Can you talk more about the SmartThings Integration? We created a rest API that supports oauth2. We have 2 integrations 1 for SmartThings which is client side and 1 that is server size which is more for Alexa. The client side permits you to control the remotes created on the website. This then give you switch capacity within SmartThings.

Specifically will I be able to execute commands from SmartThings to remotsy instead of Alexa to Remotsy? Yes, Alexa is not required for this to work. By the same logic SmartThings is also not required as it can be controlled directly from the website or app that we will delivering in our full release data.

Is that anot April launch feature? Nope that feature is for the beta program.

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We work with servers everyday for our full time jobs so we have a lot of experience with cloud services at scale. In order to achieve a seamless transition when we do a full release we are having a beta program to iron out any bugs. Also the project is not RF it is IR. We are also looking into adding Bluetooth support for more advanced remote controls. Also I would ask you to reconsider support our project. We need all the support we can get to make sure we can deliver a high value project.

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There’s a WiFi component. WiFi Is RF and requires FCC certification for that reason.

Remotsy is a Wi-Fi enabled device

( I have to say, the fact that you don’t know that this is an RF project makes the proposed timeline seem even more ambitious.)

As you are probably aware they also make RF remotes. I wanted to make sure that anyone who reads this knows we use IR and not RF to talk to devices. As for our WiFi RF usage I am aware WiFi is RF and in order to speed up the process of approval we have approached a company which sells certified chips which will speed up the process of getting certified. I appreciate your concern and value your feedback on this issue.

That’s a good way to go.

You probably already know this, but if you decide to add Bluetooth you’ll have to get a separate certification from the Bluetooth SIG as well as from the FCC since Bluetooth is a trademarked protocol, so you’ll need to factor in that time as well. So that one’s more likely to be a phase two option.

@JDRoberts luckily the same sellers sells the new chip set with support for Bluetooth. I don’t believe they sell one that has been certified yet as it had only been out for a few months, but i will surely keep an eye out for that already been certified. Thanks for the tip.

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Are there any updates on this project?

Unfortunately it did not get funded

It was close. 14,470 out of 15,000.

I would have considered backing it but…

1 - It wasn’t clear what features and services would be available day 1. As I asked questions a lot of the stuff I wanted didn’t seem to be a day 1 feature.
2 - Due to the need for backend infrastructure, I saw this as a device that would work for a year and then stop working when they couldn’t afford to keep the servers up.
3 - Due to the cost of adding new features and keeping the infrastructure up, I had little faith that the features I was missing on day 1 but wanted would ever be available.