New house: Should I go with Zigbee or Zwave?

This makes the most sense to me, especially since you mentioned these are older GE Z-Wave (non-Plus) devices. FYI - Most likely, there is no factory reset procedure for the old GE devices. I had a bunch of those myself. The only way to reset them is to Z-Wave Exclude them using a Z-Wave controller (like the ST Hub, or a Z-Wave Stick.)

I have seen listings with phrases such as “Smart Home Ready”. To me, it was the equivalent of “Freshly Painted”. It is only great if they did it exactly as I would have done it.


If you can afford it, this really is your best and safest bet. Don’t waste the time and energy taking switches with older tech out, and having to reinstall the old switches. Just plan to buy new switches for the new house. Then you can buy newer switches with current tech.

Just leave the switches in dumb mode with no smart-home promises.