New Estimote Sticker Beacons look cool - WE NEED BLUETOOTH

(Christopher Masiello) #1

Has anybody seen these new Estimote Sticker Beacons?

They look like a cool extension of the iBeacons. When are we ever going to get Bluetooth integration? There are so many things that could be pulled into the SmartThings world.

(DLee) #2

I would rather see SmartThings invest its limited resources into developing Thread support and devices over Bluetooth.

(Edward Pope) #3

Agreed @Dlee. Bluetooth simply cannot work effectively managing multiple devices in a HA environment Thread would be a huge improvement over what we have now, and should allow growth in the future more effectively than the current tech.

(Ben Edwards) #4

I think we’ll be well positioned on both Bluetooth and Thread. We have done some research and we think we could run Thread and ZigBee HA simultaneously with the same radio. Hopefully that will be true. The next version of the SmartThings hub will almost assuredly have Bluetooth as well.

(Edward Pope) #5

@Ben Interesting. And promising of course. So is the current hardware capable of being upgraded? Or will there be a requirement of new hardware? And if there is new hardware (probably way to early for you to say) what will the upgrade cost be if any?

(Ben Edwards) #6

The only upgrade needed would be the SmartThings Hub.

(Edward Pope) #7

Well that sounds like some money will be needed to be spent for the new features. Oh well, daggit…

(Ben Edwards) #8

I am not sure how we would add a Bluetooth radio without changing the hardware. The new hub will also have a USB slot for some type of expandability, however.

(Chacho Morales) #9

I have 1 estimote and i use it to trigger the Smartthing app when I arrive to my home, i put on estimote on the principal door and use a app name “launch Here” that trigger a URL:// to open the smartthing app. ST can make,sales and integrate Estimote in the app, so when you enter a Beacon (Estimote) zone you can trigger any action you specify depending the close you are, near or far, or you arrive or leave the zone, and first you don’t need to put bluetooth on the hub, and give to the actual version of hub a new option to do actions which proximity and externals beacon.

(Chacho Morales) #10

I can imagine go to my bedroom, and when i open the ST app the screen i see is the group of thing of the bedroom. all because i have a beacon in there. I also see this kind of interaction in a kickstart adaptor that make any bulb in smart, also have BLE as beacon

(Geko) #11

Any more teasers? :slight_smile: Leaked pictures perhaps? :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #12

I give and I give and all you want is more :slight_smile:

(Geko) #13

Agree. iBeacon and whatever-Beacon (for poor Android cousins :slight_smile: ) support in ST app would be awesome!

(Edward Pope) #14

It would be nice off it replaces a router for the home as well as the devices needed for Philips Hue and similar devices. It would be worth paying extra for combined usage here.