New devices from Smartthings?

Apologies if this has already been mentioned / Answered so feel free to remove.

I’ve seen a few devices on the ‘Works with smartthings’ page (UK Version) but cannot find any more info anywhere else.

Are these yet to be released? Anymore info regarding a pending release?

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The camera comes with the Vodafone kit. Not sure about the siren.


Thanks @Automated_House

Interesting that you only seem to be able to get a ‘Smartthings’ camera through another company.

The link you provided had more specs/info then the smartthings website!

I was looking to get a decent internal siren and the Smartthings one looked good, shame that they seem to be doing exclusive deals and not allowing current smartthings users to buy directly through them, but then again i could be speaking too soon.

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I’d like to see that siren here in the US. I’d replace a few of my older zwave sirens with those if they were available.

Definately a shame the camera is not available for sale on amazon, currys or other outlets, i dont need one but there have neen many posts through the forum asking for various camera integrations, having an official St cam would definately help