New construction - What wired alarm system should I go with?

I’m planning a new construction build and have the opportunity to wire all door/window contact sensors. Does anyone have any recommendations on an alarm panel that can be integrated with smartthings?

My current home has an arduino spliced into the panel and is able to monitor open/closed states but I’m wondering if there is something newer or an easier solution.

Ideally I’d like to have each wired alarm sensor be its own device in smartthings without having to put z-wave sensors on all the doors

(I’ve moved this to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own set up.)

People approach this kind of situation a lot of different ways. You might take a look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look in the project reports section for the security projects. There will also be some in the Smartapp section. (Just be aware that the SmartThings ThingShield Device has been discontinued, so projects based on that would have to be done differently now.)

The most popular method is to use a Raspberry Pi or a PC and run Alarmserver. There are many long topics here and many flavours of the implementation; they use the DSC alarm system and an Envisalink v3/4 interface card.
Use the search and prepare to read a lot!

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