New App Automations - "Play Message on Speaker" - Aug 2020

As I am playing with the new app, trying out ways to replace Echo Speaks, I tried automation that included “Play Message on Speaker.” The goal was to create a simple warning and play it over Alexa. Instead of playing what I typed in, it played a bunch of gibberish. Does this feature work?

The developer has indicated he is trying to build a lite version of echo speaks to replace the current version that is being removed on sept. 8th. You may want to wait and see if he is successful :slight_smile:


@KenW48360. I am attempting the same in prep for the unreasonable loss of echo speaks functionality. While my fingers are crossed @tonesto7 will make magic happen for us all, I contacted ST support. They asked me to provide an audio file of what the echo device is announcing. Which like you sounds like nuclear launch codes. They asked for screen shots of the automation formula in the new ST app. For me it is two very simple items. If STHM mode changed > then Play message on speaker where the echo device is the selected speaker.

What I got from the ST support person is that Samsung has no plan to support echo speaks after the September date.

Hopefully this will be resolved by ST before then. I will return with their response once I get it. Please let us all know if you have any luck on your end.

Stay Safe.



Sadly Samsung Support is often quite out of touch with ST reality. I would take what they say with grain of salt. I will only believe something if I hear it straight from the awesome ST folks posting here. Inevitably, the few times I braved emailing ST (Samsung) Support, it ends with ‘facepalm’