NEW Advanced User App for SmartThings Web!

Whatever you want to use to swich routines on and off, you can use as precondition. I have asked this question long time ago, and that was one of the solutions.

In the IDE, we can make LOCALLY EXECUTING virtual switches.

Now, to make a locally executing virtual switch, we should use smartthings cli (version >= 1.41).

I hope Advance User App support creating a LOCALLY EXECUTING virtual switch.


Thank you but not as easy , I have try and don’t understand .

Let’s say I want to turn off a motion sensor to turn on a light . My trigger will be a button .
Any example ?

Your precondition cannot be button (momentary) device. It has to be device with at least 2 states, or you can use hub mode or your location.
As long as you have one state in precondition that is true, that routine will execute with other events. If that precondition is not true, even if listed events happen that routine will not be executed.
This is an example below

Precondition: If virtual switch is On
Event: Motion deteced
Lights is turned ON

If precondition virtual switch is Off
And Motion is detected, light will not turn On

Couple examples

  1. I am using this a lot for my porch lights,
  2. for A/C on or off based on windows state (event), and someone’s location (precondition)
  3. Arming/disarming and monitoring door sensors (events) based on hub mode (precondition).
    And much more.

Make sense , I will try that
Thank you Milan

Is there possibility to tide up this section and add tooltips with info to each form?

Also there is missing section with Thread and Matter network details.

Or like this…


Yeah, that one’s pretty. :sunglasses:

As a former field tech, separate from the available routes map, I really like the info you get from the Quolsys “last working route“ map. As long as you aren’t red/green colorblind, you can immediately pinpoint faulty devices and weak routes.


If you use this tool to create a virtual device, is there no way to change the type once created? I can’t seem to find it so assume not, but figured I would since I am terrible at noticing things.

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@h0ckeysk8er and @RBoy made some really important notes about the features missing in the new Advanced Web App as soon as this tread was opened. Now we see a note on the IDE site that it will be shut down on Monday (2 days); not even 2 weeks after @SmartThings initial release of the brand-new Advanced Web App 1.0. Is it really the case that in two days, we will literally no longer be able to even reboot a hub without manually unplugging it? A fundamental function. How is this happening? Also, how can one ever perform a full z-wave network repair without detailed hub event logs? There doesn’t even seem to be a way view a device’s route.


Has anyone tried either renaming a current device or adding a new [virtual?] device? I got an error in doing both?

The reboot is the single most important feature missing for safe basic functionality. Given that the latest firmware release fixes an issues that requires the hub to be rebooted it’s likely that such a bug may reappear in future which may again require the hub to be rebooted.
Furthermore as a developer one needs to reboot the hub sometimes as to debug issues, on the request of the ST developer team and other situations. It’s not practical to physically reboot a hub each time as some labs are located in different locations.
Finally, I want to point out that we’ve lost the use to 2 hubs over the years because the power pin broke off when trying to unplug and replug the power wire. Now imagine this at the scale of millions of users. @alissa.dornbos you may want to bring this to the attention of the appropriate product manager / executive. It’s an easy addition to the web UI.


I use a wifi plug with the app seperate from ST to have emergency access to power cycle the hub. Plugs from TP Link or meross both work fine.


I have added a virtual switch (cloud virtual switch) without any problems.

works fine on the api browser though, so I converted my legacy ones over before I experience what others have commented on.

We did not receive the June app update so i am hopeful reboot and a few other functions appear in the July update… hopefully, maybe

Not in the June update for the mobile app.

Last update for Android was May June was missed

Have we lost all of the custom loaded apps from Github in this new app?

Specifically my garage door opener is controlled by a Mimolite, the “Garage Door” device has that old title (“Mimo…”) but is now using “Z-Wave Garage Door controller”…it is sort of working but isn’t reporting open closed reliably as before.

Thanks, Travis

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the legacy groovy architecture is exiting the building, along with the ability to link ST to github (that was actually removed some time ago.)

while developers may post their source code to github… you will either need to use their channel invite to get the driver or use CLI.

you can check out this Edge driver: