Nest: What's Possible?


(Mike Scott) #1

I’ve seen Nest integration topics all over this site but I havent been able to find a list of what the benefits of integrating Nest with smartthings.

Background: Weighing Nest 3.0 vs. Ecobee3 as well as whether it’s important for me to actually integrate my thermostat into my hub when I finally purchase it.

Any advice?

(Jody) #2

As far as integration goes, basic control of the Nest thermostat is available via a community smartapp. There is much more extensive integration with the ecobee3. I have used ecobee3, Nest, Zen, and Honeywell. I would recommend ecobee3 over them all. Due to the exhaustive work of @yvesracine, there is very deep and robust integration with the Ecobee3.