Nest Thermostat Graphing and Data Collection

Hi all,

My house for the past 6 years I am living in it has terrible drafts and my Nest thermostats have run continuously in certain rooms because of it. I finally got a home energy audit done and I need insulation installed in my attic, garage and cantilevers which is getting done in a couple of weeks. We are in a deep freeze here in the Northeast and one of my thermostats has run for 7 straight days!

I’d like to start tracking my Nest heating and cooling operating hours so I can the improvement once the insulation is installed. Unfortunately, the native Nest app only shows the past 7 days and Nst Manager gives you a summary of the month. Not sure if a WebCore Fuel stream can accomplish this or there is another way to get more detailed Nest Thermostat Usage via Smartthings?

Tagging our expert Nest developers @tonesto7 and @E_Sch for feedback as well.

Take a look at the influxdb app and then grafana if you have an always on local machine.

I highly suggest this setup @Mbhforum

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