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Something to log device data at specific time(s) each day?

(Mike) #1

Hi everyone, how’s it going?

I would like to log the kWh reading from an electricity meter I have at a few specific times of day. IFTTT will let you turn things on at particular times, but doesn’t allow for any data logging that I could see (at least not, based on time).

I use the CSchwer log mentioned on the forum to get data every 10 minutes, so that’s pretty close. But it doesn’t capture exactly when in the 10-minute window any given thing in its output row happened.

Am I missing some simple way to capture my main house cumulative kWh six times a day (0:00, 4:00, 8:00, etc)?

I don’t see any way to do it through the Android SmartThings app … it doesn’t have any permanent data logging capacity anyway (just the past 7 days of data).

I’m just wondering if I missed anything. If you suggest another app, I hope it’s relatively simple or it might not be worth the trouble to me, considering I’m already using the CSchwer log.

Thanks if you can help!

(Davin K Dameron) #2

You can do this with Webcore. It can log to fuel streams.


You can use this to log it to Google Sheets.