Nest Hello $183 @ Rakuten

(jkp) #1

Altatac via Rakuten has Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi HD Video Doorbell w/ Night Vision for $214.99 - 15% Off w/ promo code SAVE15 = $182.74. Shipping is free.


Subscription fee :’(

Skybell or blinkdoorbell whenever amazon releases for the win.

(jkp) #3

Say what? What is win? Amazon purchased Ring not Skybell.


No subscription fee for the win :joy:

(jkp) #5

Do you have knowledge that Amazon will not charge a subscription?


No insider knowledge just hoping or read it somewhere since blink business model was no subscription fee prior to Amazon purchase.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

It isn’t like Amazon is charging subscription fees for their other services. Oh wait nevermind.

(jkp) #8

But the amazon cloud cam charges a fee.


Well in that case Skybell or bust

(Realy Living Dream) #10

And third party integration with Blink was disabled the night before Amazon purchase was announced.