Need TWC Weather Data

I have added the SmartWeather Station Tile, in order to get some TWC data from smartthings. I specifically need/want TWC data for my purposes. In particular, I need the following data:

  • today’s forcasted high and low temperatures
  • today’s forecasted humidity
  • today’s chance of rain
  • today’s forcasted wind speed
  • rainfall in last 24 hours
  • rainfall in last 7 days

The stock weather tile provides today’s chance of rain, but not the other data (it provides a freeform text forecast, but seems unreliable to try to parse that). Any ideas on how to get all/some of the above data?

EDIT: I found the json response for the ST-native TWC functions. They indeed include all of the data I need, except the 7 day precipitation, but that can be easily maintained in ST state. So, the question is, has anyone already developed a smart app or DTH to capture this data?

The smart app WebCoRE does all this.

Great! Do you know of any device that has this data as state?

EDIT: Ah, I just discovered Value Tiles. I can easily create my own device that maintains these webcore values as state. Quite a bit of a workaround to go through Webcore, but it will work. Thanks!

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Value Tiles is a very good idea. Also check out the WebCoRE dashboard. I have a bunch of TWC data that I can see at a glance, it’s very convenient.