Reboot modem

I would like to reboot my modem once a week, to flush or reset. I was thinking that if I had a piston that could turn off the outlet/plug and then back on would do the trick, but if I shut the modem off I am not sure how to get the piston to or the plug to turn back on if there is no internet. Is there a outlet/plug that would run local as well as a smart app that would so that it could turn the outlet/plug back on?

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An excellent question, and one that has been asked and answered about a dozen times before. :sunglasses:

Look in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki in the project report section and look on the list for “power.”

Have you done network analytics that validate issues with your modem?

I’m seeing lots of “let’s reboot the router daily, let’s reboot the modem too” out here… and frankly, it’s both unnecessary and creates problems of its own. Downstream gear should all be rebooted in sequence, and automating that in a system that is dependent upon the network itself for its timing to work is almost inviting problems.

I somewhat agree.

Honestly, while I’m all for the need of an occasional reboot, if you’re having to reboot things that often, I’d fix the problem device rather than trying to mask the problem.