Need recommendations for a outdoor security cam

I am a noob here. I am looking to buy an outdoor security cam that I can record to a local NAS and that works with SmartThings. Is there any out of box solution without paying a stupid monthly susbscription fee?


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There is also a ST smartapp called ‘Blue Iris Fusion’ which allows you to trigger ST events based on Blue Iris motion triggers and also change recording modes in Blue Iris based on ST events.

Just to clarify, Blue Iris Fusion uses Smartthings triggers to activate recording on Blue Iris Cameras:

You can also create virtual motion devices to have Blue Iris motion detection trigger Smartthings notifications (read the top of the thread for setup directions):

Once you have those virtual devices set up, you can use this notification app for a lot of control:


Sweet. I will check those out. Thank you for the responses.