Need help - Zwave switches suddenly not working!

An did you try removing them from the shortcuts? What did support have to say about this?

Since Friday night the switch was not included in any shortcuts, but was still being controlled by some auto commands - garage door opens at night, people leaving - that were causing the switch to go dead when those commands were sent.

I got the switch removed and added back to ST app - made sure to shut down app and logout of account in between. Added auto commands for the switch - garage door at night, people leaving. Added switch back to “NIGHT MOTION” shortcut and the auto commands associated with that shortcut. Tested everything I could think of - opening garage door, executing “Goodbye!” from Hello Home, walking out of the geofence, setting mode to night and testing outdoor motion sensors. None of those auto commands have yet caused the switch to go dead. That’s a lot more than I can say has happened in the last 48 hours.

Support said it appeared I was troubleshooting correctly, and suggested that there was either a problem with the wiring, or the switch was defective. They suggested contacting the switch manufacturer.

I seriously doubt wiring is an issue, as the switch was installed and functional on a different system for 3+ years.

Could the Zwave radio be failing … sure. But I’m well out of warranty on the switch, so the only option there would be replacing the switch.

Did you make it clear to support that the switch was fine when used with manually actuated actions from the mobile app, but not with schedules or other automated triggers?

This really doesn’t sound like the switch; more like a network problem.

I was thinking the same thing on Sunday. I woke up Monday to a dead switch again, it turned on a sunset Sunday evening, apparently turned off when the mode switched to Night because things settled down (around 11:30pm), but it did not turn on for a scheduled 5:15am event Monday morning. And again, was unresponsive to either ST commands or physical pushing of buttons. Pulled the air gap for about 30 seconds, and got it back.

Yesterday morning, I removed the wall switch from my ST app. Used the switch all day physically turning it on/off instead of letting ST control it. For over 24 hours, it worked in this manner properly.

This morning, I stopped by Lowes and picked up a new wall switch. I just installed it, connected it to ST, added all of my actions / schedules to it, logged out of my ST app, and rebooted the hub. We’ll see if the new switch has any issues over the next 24 hours.

First day, evening, night worth of auto commands worked properly. So far, so good, with replacing the switch.

Must have been a Zwave radio going bad.

I still don’t understand why there would be any difference with commands sent from the SmartThings app interface and those initiated from a device trigger or schedule.

Perhaps @urman, @Tyler, or @duncan could comment?

I’m having this same problem right now. 2 out of 8 ge zwave toggle dimmers I’ve installed recently have fried within a week of install. Worked and then didn’t. Don’t work via zwave, don’t work via toggle. These things are $40 ea! I’m pretty mother effing angry.

Thanks for building a robust product GE-the-largest-corporation-in-the-world.

Where did you buy them?

BTW, it shouldn’t affect the quality one way or another, but GE doesn’t manufacture these switches. They license their name to Jasco. On a good/better/best scale the GE branded Zwave products fall into the “good” category. A value brand at the lower end of the cost range for this type of product. You should be able to just return defective items to wherever you bought them from. I know it’s still annoying, but it happens.

Yeah I bought some of them at amazon and some of them at lowes so I suppose they’re returnable.

I have an older house with toggle style switches. These are the only z-wave switches I could find that fit my existing toggle plates. Are their any others?

I believe those are the only toggle style switches, everyone else has rockers.

Just as a data point. I have installed 10 plus of these toggle switches/dimmers/addons. They all work as expected. Normally I would ask if perhaps you wired them wrong, but you said they worked at first. I would try exchanging them. I’m very happy with those switches.

They did work at first. I’m wondering if the little slider underneath the toggle isn’t what’s breaking, I believe it fulfills the same function as the “air gap” switch on the paddle style switches. In both cases I used a bit of force in getting them to fit into a tiny, 80yr old wiring box so maybe that did it too.

I wired them up, turned the power back on, tested and they worked fine while hanging there. Shut the power off, fully fit them into the boxes and put the switch plates back on, restored the power and dead. Remove and rewire while not in the box and they’re still dead. I suppose they could have shorted on the metal sides of the box…? That seems a little fragile though…

I have definitely used some force in getting mine to fit. Especially when I put more than one in a multi box. But from what you described, it does sound like maybe you shorted something.

I have 9 of the ge switches. They have worked fine for years. One of them stopped working. Tried everything suggested here. Went to Lowes, replaced, working now. The old switch has a small black spot, guessing it is fried. concerned.