Need help with connecting SmartThings shield and Arduino Ethernet

Hello All,

I have an Arduino Mega and a Arduino Ethernet shield. I would like to add a SmartTthings shield on top to have it communicate with the ST Hub via ethernet . Does anyone know if this is possible? Can I just plugin the ST shield on top of the Arduino ethernet shield? If not how else can I get my Arduino Mega to communicate with the ST Hub via ethernet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think you are a bit confused with the purpose of Arduino SmartThings Shield.
Shield is a Zigbee module on top of Arduino that connects to the ST Hub directly vie Zigbee protocol.
If you already have a Shield, you don’t need a Ethernet shield and you can pair it to ST hub using instructions from here:

If you don’t have a shield and not going to get one, and just want to use Arduino+Ethernet Shield to communicate to ST, that is also possible and described in docs:

and few times in community. e.g.:

I personally have a Arduino based Garage opener that is working perfectly so far. Code:

(thanks @Charles_Schwer)


Thanks Vint83. This is exactly what I needed to know.