Need help with Brimate Temp&Humidity Sensor

I wasn’t paying close attention when i purchased this Brimate Temp & Humidity Sensor (Brimate Temperature and Humidity Sensor Detector ZigBee Hub Required — saw zigbee compatibility but not smartthings. Smartthings recognizes it as “a thing” and thats about it. Can anyone help me get this working or is it a lost cause? Need to use as a simple thermo switch to kick on/off a fan in my garage. Thanks.

In the IDE (developer tool), change the Type field to be SmartSense Temp And Humidity Sensor. That may work, otherwise you may need a custom handler.

If you’ve not used the IDE, search the Community for help threads. I’m mobile right now and don’t have the links handy for you.

I’m just starting out with ST, so this is all foreign to me.

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after going thru the webpage (IDE?)

i got this additional information about the device

model: FB56-THM12HM1.4
application: 1A
manufacturer: Feibit,
endpointId: 08

still not very sure how to change the type field; any/all help is appreciated.

ok; i was able to change the type… and the screen updated on my app, however all of the fields are showing as “–”

i decided on a whim to try the device type “Temperature Sensor” (seemed rather generic) and the device is reporting a temperature and humidity level; I moved it from a cooler area to a hotter one to make sure it was working. the update frequency is a bit slow but data is there. is there any way to decrease the refresh time?

You’ll have to write your own handler and tweak the configuration of the sensor. Since you’re new to ST, but maybe not coding, you could try and create your own.

where is the best documentation on how to write your own? (URLs please)

That depends. Are you a coder, or have written code before? You can take any of ST’s code and use it as a template to start with so you don’t begin from scratch.

Here’s where you want to start:

Again, using code from others in this Community, or ST’s own DTH’s, is a great way to also learn.

Yes, i am a developer, just not familiar with this technology. I’ll see what I can mock up. thanks for all the tips.

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Cool, then you’ll like working on the ST platform. Here’s my version of the Zooz smart switch you can experiment with:

Here’s another version:

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Hello Eric, did you get your Brimate T&H sensor working? I bought one of these too, but I can’t even get it paired. I have tried inserting a pin in a tiny hole on the side and making it blink, but no recognition from the hub. I have tried taking out and putting back in the battery, but nothing (not even a blink). How did you get yours paired, and did you ever find a device handler to make it work?

Mine paired as “a thing” from there i went into the web console and choose
a generic temperature sensor. It “works” but the refresh rate is terribly
slow. I ended up spending the $$ on the Aeon Labs Multi Sensor which works
perfectly. Amazon refunded me for the brimate which was 2/3s the cost of
the Aeon.

Haha- I also have an Aeon Aeotec, but was looking for a better battery situation (2 years, not!). They work great (been using the humidity sensor to turn on fans for the last 5 months), but even with a custom handler for turning off or down the other sensors, I had to put in 2 new batteries every 6 weeks. I had hoped the Brimate would be lower consumption. Anyway, I could never get mine paired. So- my next step is to try and use Aeon’s USB cord with a battery pack. Good luck with yours. Thanks.

I run my Aeotec with just the USB cord no batteries. I am also using it to
control a fan, i opted for motion/duration over temperature. So many
options with the Aeotec.

I am happy to donate my brimate to any developer that has time to really
make it work properly.