Need help choosing smart switch

hello all,

In several of my rooms i want to install a smart switch but i have a little different setup than the rest of my home. In these rooms I have a single gang box but it has two switches. one for the ceiling fan and another for the light on the fan. these can be controlled independent of one another.
Can someone give me an idea on the type of switch I need to make this work with smartthings please?

Install a (remodel) double gang box.

i thought of that but im trying to avoid buying 2 smart switches for every one of these in my house if another solution was available.


I’m not sure if you will like the look of it, but the Hampton Bay fan controller that works with SmartThings has a single gang Wall controller with controls for both the fan and the fan lights. It’s very popular. See the fan FAQ
(This is a clickable link)

AFAIK there are no mains powered z-wave/zigbee devices that combine a light dimmer and fan control switch in a single gang footprint.

The fan controller and wall remote that JD linked to is the only device I’m aware of in a single-gang size, but you would need to keep a couple things in mind if that’s the option you decide to pursue.

  1. You’ll need to buy the receiver (which works with both zigbee and 400MHz RF) that is wired into your fan canopy, and the wall remote (which is 400MHz RF only) separately. They aren’t sold together.

  2. You’ll need to do some rewiring at both your fan box and the switch box, since the Hampton bay zigbee receiver requires a single hot wire and then internally controls the current to fan or light. And the wall controller is battery operated, it controls the fan and light via RF communication to the canopy recover, it doesn’t switch the circuit at all and isn’t connected to your house wiring.

All things considered, @rontalley’s suggestion to swap in a 2-gang, new-work box and buy two smart switches might actually be less work and cost.