Need App to Set Nest Mode at SpecificTime

Before I updated to hub v2, I was using three apps from @sidjohn1 for my two Nests; Thermostat Auto Away, Auto Home, and Timed Mode Change. Unfortunately, the Timed Mode Change is no longer available and I didn’t save the code to it.

What I need is the following:

  1. Set Nests Away when I leave (with adjustable time delay) and Home when I arrive. The Auto Away and Auto Home apps take care of this.

  2. Set the Nest back to Home at a specific time everyday. Would be even better if I can choose to do this only Monday through Friday. My wife gets home from work at about the same time every day and I want to start the heating and cooling process before she arrives so that the house is comfortable. Would also need to be able to disable in certain modes, ie Vacation…

Is there anything out there that will do this?

Auto-away should have learned her regular return time. If it’s wrong then the usually advice is to reset auto-away.

I don’t use the Nest’s auto-away function. With the locations of them, I never had good results. Only thing I use on the Nest’s directly is the temperature schedule. But with that, there’s no way to set auto-home at a specific time.

The app I was using was perfect…

Looking for something similar with my Nest Thermostat. Would like to be able to set Nest “Away” when ST mode goes to “Away” and when I return home and ST “home” mode is set, Nest thermostat will return to “Home” mode.

I’ve already programmed my Nest to know what I want when I am Home and when I am Away and I would prefer to use Nest learning mode for the finer settings. Just looking for a Smartapp to set the Nest mode on a mode trigger.

Any ideas?

Found something that works for me on another post…

Thanks Brian (imbrianj)

This sets my nest base off my ST mode. My ST mode is set automatically on my routines. Maybe this will work for you also @myoung84