Need advice with wall switch wiring USA

I live in an apartment in the US and the wall switch wire colors don’t match what I read online. Looking for advice for if its possible to connect a smart switch.

The first has two wall switches next to each other. Both have a red wire coming in, 1 has a blue/green wire coming in then connects across to the other. There is a white wire that isnt attached to anything. See photo below

The second outlet just has a red and it looks like white wire. See also photo below

Thanks in advance.

Edit: The forum will only let me post one photo so i posted the best one i could

In this case your blue is the line, the red is the load for each individual switch and the white in the wall not connected to anything is the neutral.

HUGE Caveats:
First, if you dont understand the wiring - hire a professional.First, verify that you can change anything here - Second, you’re in an apartment, I dont know if you’re renting or owning but you will likely be liable for anything done here.
Third if you DO understand the wiring and you CAN make the changes, then test everything before you do anything.


Everything that @nathancu said and…

If you are renting, why not use smart bulbs instead?

I have smart bulbs. Im look to use the switch to control the light blubs in places where voice or timer isn’t really appropriate. Are there other options I should be looking at instead?

If you already have smart bulbs in the fixture, there are battery powered switches and buttons that you could set to control them. Check this thread:

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