Is there a smart/wifi switch that I can use with this kind of wiring

Im looking for a smart wifi switch that i can use for my room but this is the wiring I have,Upon opening the light switch, i’ts two red wires. I wanted to get the WeMo light switch but I dont think it can work with this. Can you guys recommend something please. Thanks in advance

Are you in the US? Building codes in most US jurisdictions do not mandate wire color for most wires, so we can’t go just by the color. If that switch is part of a three-way set up where two separate switches control the same light fixture, then one of those wires might be a traveler. But most likely you are just looking at an older style wiring system that does not have a neutral wire.

There are still some options to consider. You may be able to find something in the Lutron Caseta line— I would get in touch with their support department and ask them. ( there is an official Lutron Caseta/SmartThings integration which works well.)

Alternatively, you might look at one of the battery-powered smart switch covers which fits over the existing switch and physically moves the switch underneath. That way there’s no wiring issue at all. There are five or six of these on the market at this point, and they do solve some specific use cases.

Before we go any farther, though, we should say that this forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. It’s not just a general home automation discussion. It’s a very active forum, so it does tend to come up near the top of many Google searches, but all of the answers that you get here will be in the context of the Samsung system.

So do you currently have a smartthings hub, and if so which model? The features and compatible devices do vary somewhat.

Would consider Smart bulb and wireless switch and just keep the switch always on or tieing the reds together…

Im not in the US, building codes aren’t really enforced in my country. is there any possible way to use a smart switch with this wiring ? (connecting the ground wire to the case or the metal or something)

The wiring is also very old in this house and it is in fact outdated so theres no neutral wire, just those two.

Almost all smart switches except Lutron Will require a neutral wire because that’s what powers the radio inside the switch so that it can hear the next “on“ command.

If you live in an area where LightwaveRF is sold (That includes the UK) then that’s another option.

I don’t know of any Wi-Fi switches that don’t require a neutral.

But again, the option is a battery operated device that fits over the top of the switch and physically moves the switch underneath.

Or, as @rontalley suggested, just using a smart bulb instead. :sunglasses:

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The Xioami stuff has been said to work with that wiring type (Non US wiring).

First time I’ve heard this… :confused:!

Smart switch models that don’t require a Neutral are extremely valuable (and rare) … if folks know of them, please share it with the whole class. Thanks!

It’s a NON US thing. Technically would work with 2 wire US install but I haven’t tried.

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If you’re outside North America and a few other places with 120VAC electrical service, you might have 230VAC (220-240V) electrical service. There are very few USA-market smart switches that are going to work with 230V, I suspect.

One that MIGHT, though, is the Lutron PD-5WS-DV-WH which is a smart wall switch (not dimmer) that works with either 120V or 277V lighting (that’s a USA industrial/commercial electrical standard). So it MIGHT work with a 230V system as well, and at least certainly won’t start on fire, etc. AND it requires no neutral. Datasheet here:

Again, that’s assuming the switch works with your voltage, and also assuming you’ve got a suitable type of lighting load (bulb, etc.). Now, if you have 120VAC lighting, you’ve got more choices, e.g. the Lutron PD-6WCL-WH dimmer, which also requires no neutral.

You could pair either with a Lutron Pico remote pushbutton fob and operate it remotely without any smart hub at all, but for anything more elaborate you’d need the Lutron SmartBridge (or SmartBridge Pro).

There might be issues (at least theoretically) with export and operation outside the USA/Canada because these are radio frequency devices that may not be approved for operation in your country. Whether anyone would care is another story.

Looks like a switchable live , so the lamp will have neutral and earth (hopefully), as said above the easiest way is to just get a smart bulb and lock off the switch with a blank.

The alternitive is to feed a neutral down through the conduit , but i suspect that might be a little bit beyond what you are prepared to go through (like so many of us )