Need advice on choosing new door sensors, motion detectors and smart switches

New Aeotec hub v.3 is installed and operating. All Cree bulbs connected and operating as expected.

I am weary of trying to reset the remaining devices formerly connected to hub v.1. So I’m headed out to buy new door sensors, motion detectors and smart switches. Any recommendations on brands/models? Or should I just go to Home Depot and read labels? I only need a small number of each, so am willing to pay for new.

Can’t reset “GE In-Wall Smart Switch Model 12722” no matter how many videos I watch or suggestions I try. Isn’t worth my time, so I’m not about to start on old sensors and motion detectors! :boom::smiley:

What country are you in?

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I live in the USA

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The Device Classes Features FAQ was first started several years ago, but has been updated all along and should be helpful. The topic title is a clickable link.

Otherwise, if you liked the old devices that you had and you want to just give us the brand and model numbers of those, we can recommend direct replacements for them.

All of that said, these days many of the most popular devices in the community are not available at Home Depot. In particular, the Zooz line of Zwave Devices is budget priced, has the latest Z wave technology, and the company works hard to provide any custom code if needed. They can also give you a small bulk discount if you do happen to be buying more than about a half dozen of any one model. They also have very good customer support. So if you’re willing to wait for delivery, I would definitely recommend putting those on your candidate list. Zooz is the house brand for the following site. They also carry a number of other major Z wave brands.

Zigbee Devices are a little more complicated right now because Aeotec is taking over the manufacture of the previous smartthings branded devices, and they haven’t brought everything to market yet. But again, if you let us know what you had before, we could make more tailored recommendations. :sunglasses:


Hey, thanks for that input!

I’m not fussy about brand as long as the devices work and are compatible with the Aeotec hub. The old devices worked only so-so, so there’s no need to match them and I don’t know what brands they were anyway. Got tired of looking.

My remaining project involves the garage. I need:

A simple on/off in-wall switch (to operate one set of garage lights)
A door sensor
A motion sensor

The door sensor and the motion sensor are needed to turn on the lights ontrolled by the smart wall switch.

There has been such a proliferation of brands and products that I find it overwhelming!

For smart switches and dimmers these days, I’ve stopped adding new Z-wave devices and going with all Zigbee.

I have, and like, the new GE/Jasco Zigbee 3.0 line. Amazon carries them. They seem solidly built and work just fine with my SmartThings V2 hub. Being a new version, they should have good longevity. And the switch body is significantly smaller than any of the Z-wave devices I’ve purchased so they tend to be much easier to install, especially in multi-gang boxes.

I’m not big on sensors. We’re out in the country and I’ve got Next outdoor cams. So I don’t have a need for a bunch of door and window sensors.

I bought a couple of water leak sensors on a sale and I’ve got one Samsung motion/temp sensor that turns on interior garage lights. But Samsung has stopped making them.

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@JDRoberts mentioned the Zooz brand.

I started out with Zooz a couple of years ago. More than half of my smart switches and dimmers are Zooz. Their prices are good and they do have good support. If I was still adding Z-wave devices, I’d probably be buying the new Zooz Z-wave 700 series devices.

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I looked on Amazon for the “GE/Jasco Zigbee 3.0” item you mentioned and couldn’t locate it by searching for those words. I like the idea of a smaller body, easier to install. I don’t need 3-way. Does it matter if I get paddle or toggle switch? It’s in the garage, so aesthetics don’t matter to me.

Is there a comparable Zooz?

Also, the sensor I need is for the door leading from our hallway into the garage. Opening the door triggers the switch which turns on my laundry lights so I don’t trip with a basketful of clothes. :smiley:

Sorry, should have given better info or a link.

GE and Honeywell smart switches are made by Jasco. GE brands them “Enbrighten”

Here’s the switch

Jasco site for Zigbee is here: Zigbee

Zooz is, as far as I recall, strictly Z-wave. But good products. If you do need any 3-ways, one of the Zooz models allows you to replace only the line side switch/dimmer and do no rewiring on the other one. I think this is unique.

I don’t think there are price differences between paddle and toggle. Toggle style smart switches look more obviously weird than paddle because the toggle sticks straight out.

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If I were in the market for door or window sensors, I’d look at the Sensative Strips. They’re expensive! But I hate the look of typical door and window sensors. The strips look like they would hide away nicely.


Great, I found it. Looks like a good choice. I noticed this caveat in the description:

SMARTTHINGS USERS: The switch requires a device-type change in the SmartThings IDE to avoid being added as a “Thing.” A certified solution is in progress.

I know how to access the ST IDE, but wonder what the change involves. I’m sure I could do it if it isn’t super challenging.

Also, the strips you mention are intriguing. Yes, the standard sensors are kinda huge. I wonder if the strip could be programmed to work in tandem with the light switch.

I’m pretty sure the device type problem has been resolved.

I saw that issue a few months ago when I got my first ones. But I installed three of the switches about 10 days ago and had no need to do anything special.

Regarding the strips working with the switch: using automations I’m pretty sure you can cause any smart switch or bunch of smart switches to do things when the sensor changes state.

I’m partial to the Smart Lighting SmartApp. As things stand currently it’s one of the few ways you can create automations that run locally in the hub. I use it to turn on interior and exterior garage lights when motion is detected on the garage motion sensor. The exterior lights only come on between sunset and sunrise. Running locally means the lights come on nearly instantly (when everything is normal).

Someday the Smart Lighting SmartApp will go away. Hopefully not before “regular” automations are made to run locally.

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OK, thanks for your reply. Meanwhile I researched what I’d have to do if the issue hasn’t yet been resolved. I think I can accomplish the task easily enough. If not, I’ll be back! :blush:

So, I’m going ahead with my order and I can’t thank you enough for your help.

I do use the Smart Lighting app for the identical purposes you’ve described. I LOVE that app!

Wish me luck! I’ll carry on from here. :+1:t3:


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OK, I let my brain rest for awhile because I was busy with other things and then decided to write to Jasco about resetting my GE 12722 switch.

This was the response:

“Thank you for contacting Jasco Products Company. There is no manual reset on this model you will need to put your hub into an exclusion mode and toggle the GE switch up and down a few times.”

That was the only combination of switch paddle maneuvers I hadn’t tried. It worked! :clap: The device was excluded right away and I had no problem adding it to my new system.

Strange how even the manufacturer gives different answers to everyone who asks about this switch. Oh well! :smiley: