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My Home Automation Addiction


now thats smart and very simple :smile:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #103

I did this exact thing in my half bath off the garage… instead of bulbs or a smart switch… I just use an occupancy sensor. saved a ton of money and even when the internet is down… it still works.

Good Job!!!


I know this is tragic, but it made me laugh. This was on the littlebits site this morning. Their Valentine’s Day haiku:

Who needs a lover
When you can eat burritos
And invent cool stuff.



I woke up this Valentine’s morning and saw my shadow. Looks like 6 more weeks of being single.

(Chris) #107

I’m at a BBQ at my brothers house and having a great time, and then he decides to ruin it by giving me his old Harmony remote and hub…now all I want to do is research how to connect it to ST and Alexa and go home to set it up! Way to ruin a party…I call this “SHD,” or “Smart Home Disorder…”

(Chris) #108

See, I’m actually an extreme couponer. I started this to save money and to fulfill my love of new tech crap! My goal is to have a comprehensive system that will pay for itself In 2 years…it started with an Echo I got for a gift and took off from there! I was also planning on adding things over the long term, but because of awesome clearance finds I’m sitting here 3 months later with 20 lights (between bulbs, smart hard wired switches, and smart plugs), a nest thermostat, 4 hue accent lights, half of my security system, and the capabilities of having a voice controlled TV. I’ve spent about $550 so far and am looking at another $300 to be where I really want to be (trying to find a deal on a nest smoke detector and a few cameras)…but I keep adding things to the list of wants and now I realize that this going to turn into a never ending project that will consume all of my money! Lol. I’m wondering where it’ll end! One thing saving me is that we are saving $600/year alone on our security system. I used to work in security system monitoring and realize that you don’t need someone monitoring for you as long as you have a good enough system in place! I’ve also been saving money on my energy bill between the LEDs and not running my AC/heat all the time. So I can probably have this thing paid for (including my immediate wants) in a little over a year!

(Brian) #109

Just make sure your married before you allow yourself to be drawn in by SHD. If your not married before you definitely won’t be afterwards. However as long as you can sell the advantages to your spouse you can allow SHD to set in.

I just scored brownie points today, were away on holiday and my wife has been able to text the neighbours to tell them our cat is stuck in our garage. Whether that will allow me to buy more sensors only time will tell.


So far not been brave enough to inform the wife of the capital expenditure involved to date … :unamused:

(Chris) #111

I’m engaged…but my fiancé is getting noticeably annoyed…I’m going on hold with Lowes trying to get a few switches shipped to me…please don’t tell her!


I sold my Roomba so I have some gadget money to spend. (It’s kind of a long story why I decided to sell it, so I won’t bore you with that.) Anyway, I was one minute away from buying a Hue Bloom for $54 from Amazon & 2 minutes later it was back up to $60. That pissed me off; but I’ll just wait.

Was gonna put it behind my TV that sits on a stand in the corner of my family room. Off topic, but curious if anybody has tried that.

I bought that Roomba with my birthday money, so I figure the “boss” has no right to complain. Who knows, time will tell.


I have a Roomba - it has actually done about 8 years service (with multiple battery replacements) so can’t complain. It formed a theme of buying my wife various vacuum cleaners including the latest Vax cordless followed by a Dyson as wedding anniversary presents …

Do you think that the Divorce Courts class Home Automation Addiction as a irreconcilable difference ?

(The intention behind the Dyson was when I read that I could jump start my car with the Li-on Cobalt battery :smiling_imp: )

(Chris) #114

Haven’t tried the hue anywhere but on tables because my 2 year old won’t stop touching them! As soon as he’s out of that phase I’ll be able to put them on the floor. Lol

(Chris) #115

Hahaha. How’d the jump starting work out?


Still completing the cost/benefit analysis as to the value of the Dyson battery versus the brief kudos of starting a car …

(Chris) #117

My intense curiously would have forced me to check the warranty of the battery before I bought it! Lol

(Geko) #118

SmartThings is not a security system, no matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise. At best, it can be used as an auxiliary monitoring system, but it does not replace a dedicated security system. So, it’s like saving on gasoline by riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. Yes, it works, but it only gets you so far. :wink:

(Chris) #119

I definitely get what you’re saying. But I’ve worked in home security monitoring in the past and I’ve realized a few things. I don’t need someone monitoring for me. All I need is to get an alert if a sensor is tripped and to be able to see inside my house when the sensor is tripped. Having someone monitoring my system is useless if I have those capabilities. As far as if power or internet going out, the likelihood of something happening during either is very unlikely. I know there isn’t a backup cellular or phone alert system, but I’m ok with that. As for the reliability of the sensors and smartthings working correctly, that’s what concerns me the most! But I’m sure it’s something that will improve over time. I can’t see paying $600/year anymore for something that I can do myself, especially since I live in a low crime area. The main focus is to deter people. If someone really wanted to get in my house by cutting the cable or hacking my system, I guess they could…but good luck getting anything of value cause I ain’t got sh*t! Lol

(Geko) #120

Unfortunately, it’s not as much as Internet going out, as SmartThings cloud service outages and hiccups. It’s not a big deal if you just cannot turn your lights on/off remotely. But it’s a different story if you cannot disarm your alarm system and get stuck with the siren wailing in the middle of the night and not being able to turn it off. I’m not saying you have to pay $600 a year. I also prefer self-monitoring, I just don’t trust SmartThings for the job. :sunglasses:

(Chris) #121

Aaahhhh…ok. That makes sense. I really haven’t run into that problem (yet). Do you have any suggestions?

(Bobby) #122

There are security companies that don’t force you into a contract, have a mobile backup option and professional monitoring on demand if you go out of town in vacation and don’t feel like monitoring your home…I found one, right after the first time I wasn’t able to disarm SHM…