My Dashboard

I’ve managed to “hack” together a workable dashboard solution that also acts as a springboard for accessing other automation apps and provides music control.

The music control, smart things widget and various icons are all standard android widgets.

I’m using :-
Fire tablet running nexus rom
Kiosk Browser Lockdown
Overlays (for placing widgets over particular apps)

I’m also forcing the rotation of all apps opened to landscape.

It’s not the most elegant solution but I can control music direct from the dashboard and jump to hue or the smart things app from the dashboard too. Clicking the standard home button (circle button) always returns me back to the dashboard. So if I click the hue icon for example - hue opens, the widgets hide and then clicking home returns me back to the dashboard returning the widgets.


“Overlay” is the name of the app that allows you to make these widgets appear over smarttiles?

I’m very new to android and custom ROM’s but I was able to setup a fire tablet with custom ROM running smarttiles through Fully Kiosk and would like to do this as well. This would help with app links that I can’t get to work through smarttiles (ie harmony, honeywell, etc).


The app is called “overlays” from the google play store.



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Had to fix your pic it was bugging me haha.


Cheers :slight_smile: lol

A few more updates including direct hue group control …

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Hi, is the music control provided by overlays or have you managed to incorporate them in smart tiles?

Hi - It was via overlays,