My alexa stream music to soundbar plan

ok here we go, my play is to ask alexa to play music and it plays on my soundbar

if: alex recognize phrase 'play kiss FM’
then: pushbullet ‘play kiss fm’

tasker (on separate tablet in hallway)
when: tasker receives push 'play kiss fm’
open: URL (url copied from tunein android app of station kiss fm) tunein seems to auto play when loaded

also on same tasker profile

run ‘harmony tasker’

sends individual command to change soundbar input to Bluetooth

tablet should auto connect to Bluetooth device. if not then i do have an app called ‘Bluetooth automatic’ that can be used in tasker to priorities certain devices

i will also add ST in the mix to change color lights etc. Also do this for a few radio stations.

let me know what you think as i have not fully tested yet. by all means try it out and let me know