Multiple zigbee sensors = 1 Device

Hello there devs, i was wondering if its possible to have 1 device holding 2 different zigbee sensors, would that be possible?

There are many of these.

For example, the SmartThings branded multi sensor has an open/close sensor, thermometer, accelerometer, and a PIR motion sensor all in one device.

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If you mean virtual device that contains two sensor then that is possible as well. For example one smart app I use regularly that does this is zone motion manager. It combines several physical motion sensors into a single virtual device. Which gives you the ability to reduce false alerts etc (I.e don’t report motion on virtual sensor unless 2 out of 3 of the psysical sensors go active).


Are you using WebCore to make the determination and then trip the virtual sensor?

No zone motion manager smart app creates a virtual device that shows up in your list of things. You can then use this device in other smart apps like Smart Lighting etc. Just do a search for the zone motion manager and you can find the details on how it works.

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