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I like this idea. I have a couple of Android cheap tablets I’ve picked up waiting for the next version of Smartiles to come out. I haven’t played around with Androids too too much, but is there a way to lock the device to only this screen would appear so no one else could pull up any other apps or anything?

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Unfortunately, no software solution withing smartthing app (until Samsung will get to it). But you can limit the access to the phone buttons physically (and then it is pretty static), although you need to have the ability to control the phone without dismantling everything from the wall (this is why there is a small creek in the frame that gives me access to the on off button).

Added this, started setup, selected 4 switches, then there is a field called Which? in red that says You can’t currently add this. Won’t let me hit done because of it.

You have to create the device first. In the smartapp you have to choose the switches and the virtual switch.
The reason you can’t choose the VirtualSwitch is either:

  1. It is not installed
  2. You haven’t created a device “virtual switch” with it
  3. You changed the name of the device handler (has to be ‘Virtual Four Switches’ unless you change it also in the smartapp)

Yeah, just realized that as I came back here to look for a response. Sorry, blonde moment!

There is a SmartApp called SmartTiles, that runs a webpage and allows you to interface with your devices.Seems to be some what of what you are looking for.

There is also the Room, under My Home, you put the devices in the rooms that way you only see the devices you want to control for that Room.

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This has the benefit of not timing out like SmartTiles currently does, since it’s IN the ST app. I like that for some of my smaller unused devices. I have ST on a number of tablets and use it daily, but this has a more niche application that I can see myself using.

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The problem with Room is that it is not big enough for a wall switch and limited in the visual setup. The other problem is if you want a certain device to be in one room but on a different virtual remote switch. for ex., if the light is in the living room (and you want it in that room) but you want to have a switch on the wall without all the other living room devices. You can bypass it by creating a different user but it is very inconvenient.

That will be where SmartTiles gets the advantage here, as it can run in the Fully brand kiosk-mode browser which can be configured to run at boot and not allow access to any other web page or tablet function.

This is what I do at work on a cheap Amazon tablet, works great when ST isn’t wanting me to re-auth and login every few days…

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We are sooooo… excited to get “V6” released to fix this!

In the meantime, if the tablet is dedicated to SmartTiles and Fully, try using the “Auto Reload on Idle” setting in Fully. It should help keep the login session from timing out, if you use a value like 15 minutes or something…


l am new to Smartthinqs. I looked at Smart Tiles and thought you really did a nice thing. One problem that I had with ST is that I don’t want to expose my home devices to another entity . Samsung has access to everything at my Home but they also have a deep pocket if someone there chooses to exploit the access . I am not sure it is the same when it comes to a startup. Am I missing something?

The same risk applies to SmartRules, Sharp Tools, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, etc…

###Exactly what “exploit(s)” are you concerned about???

(SmartTiles will have liability insurance in case of gross negligence or outright illegal activities, but our Terms of Use contain the same full disclaimer of responsibility as SmartThings.)

Alarm system, for ex. Cameras is another.
There may be other people like me who are concerned about privacy and control. I think choosing what devices are exposed (if technically possible) would be a nice feature for ST that may increase the demand for the nice software you developed. Just a thought.

I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had to log in on my tablet. I use 15 minutes and refresh on open. I have also started using the built in camera detection vice the motion app .

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You need to understand how the ST authentication before commenting about security risk and how it’s used in 3rd party app

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double post… removed

  1. I spoke with Samsung’s “level 2” technical support to resolve a bug in the hub/cloud communication. They could see everything in my system.
  2. Can you please suggest a good link for an article that discusses the ST authentication in reference to third parties.

see this article:

If these guys, who seem to be familiar with the ST 3rd party authentication, know what they are talking about then third party smartapps are a potential security breach.

We already have this feature in v5.8 and continues in “V6”.

SmartTiles only has access to Things you authorize using the SmartThings App or SmartThings “OAuth” web page.

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