Multiple Switches in Groovy?

Trying to learn the basics of Groovy.

If I have an input selection to select more than one switch. Then in the handling routines I can’t seem to figure out how to select which switch to turn on/off or whatever. I can see how to do it for just one, but not how to select particular ones. I’m sure it’s simple, just not seeing it.

Probably not exactly what you want to do, but it may help. Change the name ‘thesiren’ to whatever you have defined
if (settings.thesiren)
thesiren.each //fails when not defined as multiple contacts
if (it.hasCommand(“beep”))
it.beep([delay: 2000])
it.on([delay: 2000])[delay: 2250])

I beleive to do all of them at one time it’s “thesiren(beep)”

Another Groovy question. I have an existing smartapp I was modifying for my own use. In that app there is a variable that I am trying to compare. Here is what I have:

def MyUserName = settings."userName${i}"
If ({MyUserName} = “John”) {
do something

I can’t seem to get the if to work.

Maybe this will work?
def MyUserName = settings.userName(i)
If (MyUserName == “John”)
{do something}

A single = sets MyUserName to “John”

AFAIK the {} signs around a variable name are used when putting out the contents a defined field in a message
log.debug “my user name is {MyUserName}”

If you have not done so already, suggest following the documentation for Writing Your First SmartApp.

l did have the double =, just mis typed my post. I will try the other changes. Thanks for the help.

Found this example in someone elses post. It works for string compare.