Multiple setup advice

I have a home setup and would like to add my guest house to my SmartThings account as well. Here’s the caveat:

I want to have a separate iPad for the guest house that only accesses the guest house switches, thermostats, etc……however I want to access both sets (main & guest house) from my main account.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Set up multiple accounts, use multiple hubs, etc?

Thank you in advance!!

I have two locations. The hubs at both locations are on the same Samsung account. That gives you the benefit of being able to quickly access both locations within the ST app by selecting the dropdown menu at the top.

At the guest house, it seems you don’t want others to have access to both accounts on ST. The best way to do this would be to design a custom dashboard (I use SharpTools) for the guest house iPad. You can add to that dashboard only those items you want the guests to control.

When you are at the guest house, however, you still have full control of both locations via the ST app. The guests only have access to the iPad and the dashboard, which only has access to those devices you chose.


Perfect - thanks for the reply!!

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