Multiple sensors to multiple switches- not working


I want to set up a security floodlight scenario- where any motion detector outside will turn on all outside lights. I have 3 flood light switches (all Jasco) that are separate circuits, and 3 Aeon multi-sensor motion detectors. Individually they work, and I have successfully tethered one motion detector to one light, and repeated that for each switch.

But, with 3 motions and 3 switches, to do that would require 9 combinations if I just did 1:1 motion->switch actions. Instead, I used the ability to check multiple sensors and multiple switches. But when I do that, the action stops working. Period. I have deleted and reprogrammed it to no avail. See the first graphic to show the screen shots for a Shortcut called Security Flood, with the 3 sensors checked and the 3 switches checked, with additional modes for after dark only. The second graphic shows that the motion detectors are in fact reporting motion, but it just isn’t resulting in the lighting coming on.

All motions have been tested and tethered to a single light to check that they work and that the switches all trigger, so all elements are all individually working. I also deleted those 1:1 actions before I created the single switch to pull them all together.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Or is there an bug in ST where multiple triggers and multiple switches in a single Action/Shortcut doesn’t work as it should?


Screenshots from the Security Flood shortcut:

Motion is still being recorded:

I think there is a bug in “Turn on when there is motion”, as I’ve had the exact same problem with multiple motion sensors. I did report this to Support, but who knows about that? Anyway, I did find a work-around that should work for what you’re doing: Create 3 shortcuts in Lights & Switches instead of one, where each one is triggered by a different motion sensor (just one), but turns on all 3 lights. That worked for me.

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Thanks, Bruce- I actually just did that to test a single motion sensor with 3 switches. So definitely it’s the multiple motion sensors as a trigger that is the problem. I just like to have a clean trigger, since “switch” names are not displayed as SmartApps in the sensor view- at least sometimes they show up as “Light Turn on motion” or something similar.

What I found confusing was shifting and overlaid terms- Actions, Shortcuts, and Lights & Switches seem to be interchangeable terms, and I’d just prefer the word “Actions”. Switch, in the app, can mean a real life, physical Jasco switch, or a virtual one/shortcut. I’d prefer clear, concise terminology.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with the multi-sensor issue- thanks for letting me know. For now, I’ll leave it as one set of actions for each motion detector and wait for some app updates to consolidate in the future, or at least try again.


Just another approach to tackle this, I grouped three of my lights into a single light/switch and turn the group switch off/on with multiple motion detectors. It’s worked well so far.

I don’t read so well. Sounds like that is how you tried to start. Works for me for some reason.