Multiple On Off time rule?

Can I set up multiple time rules on switches? If I program one light to turn off on 10pm on weekend but want to it to turn off on Weekdays… I can only seem to set up one rule either one day or selective days but same time… Wink can program more time and day related rules not not so much on Smartthings… Am I missing something?

You should be able to set up a different automation for weekends and weekdays- just select different days for each automation.

"smart"things is not able to use schedules, like monday-friday on 7:00, off 10:00, on 15:00, off 22:00, saturday-sunday on 8:00, off 10:00 on 10:00, off 23:00.
maybe too complicated for samsung?

It sounds like you’re setting the quick controls on the device page. You can also create scheduled activities using the automations tab or using the Smart Lighting smart app, where you can create as many individual schedules / automations as you want.