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Multiple Modes?

(Luna Faye) #1

Is it possible to stack modes? For example I want to be in “Daytime” mode between hours x-y AND I want to be in “Home” mode when all connected Android devices are present. So my triggers would add mode “Home” and remove mode “Away”.


You only have one mode variable per hub, so it cannot have two values at the same time.

Insteadyou have to start making multiple options that cover allthe situations you want.

For example, a lot of people have:



Alternatively, you could probably work something out with Core, but you would have to do it for each rule you set up.

(Luna Faye) #3

Thanks. I’ll look into CoRE.

( I hate Mondays) #4

You may want to skip CoRE and look into webCoRE directly

(Benji) #5

I’ve been suggesting something similar for a while but basically per room modes. That way if the kids have gone to bed, their rooms are in night mode and the rest of the house can be in evening mode or something.