Multiple Hue Bridges

I currently have 1 (v1) Hue Bridge but would like to upgrade to V2 simply for the reason for the new power outage/restore feature. If I do upgrade what do I do with the old bridge? Is there any advantage to keeping it online as well? I have spots in my house with hue bulbs that are often listed as unreachable. Would placing this v1 bridge at such locations (where the result of a power outage/restore is of no concern) help me in any way or does it simply become too awkward to control 2 bridges?

I should point out I very seldom use the Hue app to control the bulbs.

You can use multiple Bridges with ST, but each will form it’s own zigbee network, so the bulbs on different networks will probably not repeat for each other and dimmer or tap switches connected to one bridge can’t control lights on another bridge. There also are reports that some systems (like Alexa) may not handle multiple Bridges well.

Here is a recent post with some other important details:

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