Multi Sensor Temperature

I am going to be purchasing a couple of smart things devices but I have a question before I do. What I am looking to do is turn on the power to my “through-the-wall” air conditioner based on the temperature of my apartment.

I want to purchase the smart things hub, smart things multi sensor and the Jasco Light & Appliance Plug-and-Control Power Outlet.

With the Smart things multi sensor, will I be able to program it that when my apartment reaches a specific temperature, it will turn on the Jasco to power the air conditioner?

You bet ya. The only concern is, does the AIT conditioner start cooling when it is powered on? Or does it require interaction before it starts doing work?

I am going to have to check when I get home, I know it is digital but it may require my input in order to actually turn it on.

Is is possible to use an IR blaster with Smartthings?

Some folks have used IR blasters with SmartThings, yes. What type are you using? I have seen them made with Arduino and the SmartThings ThingShield.

Does the AC unit have a built in thermostat or programming schedule?
Does it have a relay or trigger input?

If it has a thermostat or schedule, set those to a very low temp or scheduled always on so when it receives power it will start functioning.

If it has a trigger input, use the LFM-20 to control it.


My setup uses GC iTachs to send IR commands throughout my house. I am currently (as of this morning) sending an http request to a local server that runs a python script to do this, but it would be great to see native support for GC’s iTachs. They’re pretty popular nowadays, work very well, and are affordable for both wired and WiFi versions.

Native support requires the hub to send a string via tcp the iTach’s local IP on port 4998, that includes some params for the iTach, the IR command as recorded from the iTach, followed by \r\n.

Is this doable now with the sendHubCommand?

Those iTachs look really cool! I think this would be an AWESOME addition to the STs family!

So I am able to disconnect the AC and plug it back in and it is still on. Unfortunately my main AC is 220 and it has a NEMA 6-15 plug but the receptacle is NEMA 6-20.

Is there a zwave or zigbee compatible switch that would work in my scenario? I am open to changing the receptacle and plug to a device that supports 220v and different NEMA adapters.

how about this?

I read that it is not supported by smartthings and will not work.

According to this post, it works with the onboard codes. It just doesn’t learn.

@jsabia85, check out the new Aeon Heavy Duty Smart Switch . It’s just becoming available now. Worked for my AC/heater unit, 208v with the same 6-15 plug and 6-20 receptacle.