Motorized Roller Shades options

Looking to install motorized roller shades in our new house and want it integrated with ST.

From what I gather in this forum, somfy seems to be the goto brand that works well with ST. But given the not so humble pricing of Somfy, I am looking for other options that would work just fine.

I also saw has an interface which talks Zigbee. Does anyone know how well rollertrol works with ST and how it compares price wise with Somfy?

Any other viable options than these two?

The soma owned Chinese brand is 1/4 the price for essentially the same equipment. You’ll have to import it yourself via Aliexpress. Google window curtains friend group zwave Fibaro for an example install. Also. Test one window and then do the rest.

Tried searching for Soma on Aliexpress, no results. Do you have any suggestions?

Conventional motorized shades can be automated in ST with the Aeon Micro Motor Controller.

Thanks Bruce. Are you saying I can go with any motorized shades brand and use the Aeon Micro Motor Controller to control it using ST?

Do you have any lower cost alternatives to Somfy?

I know very little about the varieties of motorized shades. The ones I have can be automated with the Aeon device because they have two motor primaries, one for up and one for down, with automatic stops at full extension / retraction. These are operated by a two pole switch. I think there are several manufacturers of this type of roller shades. I’m ignorant of Somfy.

just installed a rollertrol shade with the zwave attachment. It does work with smartthings and had no issues being included. However, it is full on full off - in other words, shade goes all the way down, or all the way up. there is no stop function and there seems to be no option for controlling ‘momentary on/off’ from smartthings.

More info as I figure it out.

Check this out, maybe it will help:

Luton Serena is clearly the market leader in this category. Their shades are quiet, reliable, and have amazing battery life (3 to 5 years, based on 2 ups and 2 downs per day), wired power options, and the sexiest local control available (Lutron Pico Remote). The bummer is they don’t directly integrate with ST.

If you also have a Harmony hub, you could use that as a bridge between ST and Lutron.

Lutron is running a 20% off sale through October 21. That’s an enormous savings. They also have amazing customer service, so when something breaks, you won’t be talking to someone you found on Aliexpress in China. If I was in the market, this is the direction I would go.

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Do you have more details on this?

They also have an IFTTT channel, which gives you indirect integration with smartthings without needing harmony. There might be a short lag, but for window covering control that’s not usually an issue.

There are no triggers in the caseta channel, so you can’t inform smart things when you do something with the pico remote, but you can certainly add having the shades go up as part of your morning routine or something like that. And you could control your shades with an Aeon minimote that also controlled smartthings devices.

Only what is on their website in the Serena store. Use the coupon code “AUTUMSALE” for 20% off in your shopping cart. It seems to apply to everything except the lutron hub.

I priced out a 3’x4’ battery-powered roller shade with basic fabric, and with the discount it’s just about $400. That’s insane. You’d be hard pressed to find a good-quality custom manual roller shade for that price.

Great news about the IFTTT channel, @JDRoberts. I hadn’t read about that. Since there’s no downside to sending duplicate commands to shades (they don’t care if you send “open” when they are already open), I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t have a Pico remote for local control in addition to IFTTT to ST. As you stated, you simply wouldn’t be able to write a routine that says “turn on my ST lights when I close my shades with the Pico remote”.

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This made very little sense.

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What about that didn’t make sense? You asked if I had any information on the Lutron Serena Shades sale, and I told you I only knew what is on their website in the Serena Store section. Do you need a link to the website? Try this:

There’s a massive popover banner that has the coupon information. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.