Echo overriding Motion switch for a period of time?

I just got a motion switch and I have it working fine. It turns on my kitchen light when it detects motion, and if no motion is detected for 10 minutes it turns the light off. Now here is the problem.

My kitchen is adjacent to my family room where the TV is. When no one is in the Kitchen and we are in the family room I want to turn off the kitchen lights. I tell Alexa, “Turn off the Kitchen Lights” Which she does. But the moment motion is detected again the kitchen lights go back on.

I’m thinking I need the motion switch to turn on a virtual switch of some kind and only allow this if someone has not used Alexa to turn off the lights say within the last few hours. Have the state of using Alexa time out after two hours, then allow the motion switch to turn on the kitchen lights. Any Idea’s how I might implement something like this?

If using Rule Machine than yes.

For every room in my house I created a “Motion Enable” virtual switch which stays on all the time except for in Echo off routines.

This way when I say “Alexa, turn off Downstairs Living Room Lights” it also turns off the Motion Enable switch which is selected in the “Switch to Disable Rule” section of a Rule Machine rule (remember to select “Disable when Off? ON is default”

When I want to enable again, I just tell Alexa to turn on the same lights which once again enables the “Motion Enable” virtual switch.

I’m sure there is some sort of Rule Boolean way to do this but it made sense to me. I’m sure you could create a rule to do based off of time or whatnot.