Motion Sensor recommendation

I am a newbie, jumping into home automation to have an inexpensive self monitoring security system. Now I have ordered the Hub v2, wondering on building my security set up with tight budget. I have a 3 doors and almost 18 windows on first floor. Thought of start with 3 door sensor (I ordered them at monoprice) and 3 motion sensors to cover most of the first floor.

Wondering the experts in the forum can help me to identify a motion sensor and an inexpensive one. I see lot of recommendations for Monoprice motion sensor, is there other sensors may be few bucks more but get more bang.

Appreciate your advise

I’m in the same boat. You should know that you will still need an internet connection for interaction with the ST cloud platform with the V2 Hub, at least initially. It seems that local execution for more than just lights is still a ways off, so I wouldn’t bet my life on it as a security system just yet.

In answer to your question, I tried Ecolink door sensors and motion sensors and they seem to work fine. Note the motion senor has a 4 minute reset time. I also have the Aeon Labs Gen 5 Siren and like it.

Fibaro’s and worth checking out the new ST sensors when they hit the market… Fibaro’s from my personal experience.

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I went with the Enerwave ZWN-BPC, for no other reason than it doesn’t look like a motion detector. i have 2, and they both work well.

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Thanks @japple, I thought with V2 everything including the sensor can work without internet connection?, not true? Is there are place I look at the detailed features of V2?

Not true, at least not yet. From what I can tell, and many others have said here, only the SmartLighting app from ST will be able to run without access to the cloud platform initially. Everything else is somewhere out in the future. Apparently, for any apps to be able to run “local only” they need to be vetted and approved by ST. I, too, made assumptions based on the somewhat vague info that ST provided in their pre-release info, and am very disappointed.

To my knowledge, there isn’t a single detailed feature list available for the V2 hub as of yet. Perhaps others can chime in if I’m incorrect. The coders on this site will probably have a much better understanding of it’s capabilities than we laymen.