Motion Detection via ip camera using Motion/MotionEye?

Has anyone attempted to use the motion detection in Motion/MotionEye to issue motion detection and clear via web hook or some tool you could program via a command? Currently messing around I have it sending notifications via PushBullet… but integration into Smarthings would be ideal.


From the configuration options in motioneye, you can email/call a web hook/or run a local command on the linux machine… i’m thinking there has to be a way to trigger a motion sensor type alert in smartthings with this.

Anyone have experience writing device types that interact with software applications?

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I’d love to see this. I’ve got 6 cameras on a MotionEye system ( 3 IP, 3 raspberryPis ). I’d love to tie them into an alarm configuration.

This would be great. I have a Pi2 running motioneye and vlc connected to vlcthing and bigtalker hidden in a mantel clock. It works great and I’d love be able to integrate motioneye with ST.

I have it basically figured out, just I can’t get the sensitivity of my motion detection in motioneye figured out, it would cause false alarms in SHM all the time.

You can use WebCore and the Simulated Motion Sensor DTH.
Now, don’t be confused by the virtual device in the piston labeled IFTTT. That is just the way you get to the REST API for webcore. When you add the command in your piston it will give you the link you have to put into MotionEye.

Trying to do the same thing. What did you actually do?

What are you confused about? I’m using Motioneye for 2 different motion sensors. FYI, they are VERY sensitive so i would not use them for security.

Is looking a bit at this also. Has set it up right now with the external URL to the piston and a argument at the end from MotionEye.
But is this above using a WebHook to an IFTTT applet? If so what are the pros cons for using that?

Is fairly new to WebCore but is scanning through the forum for info.


I have more than one camera setup in motion eye. I was hoping to use each camera as a motion sensor and ultimately setup an alert from camera 1 or 2 or 3. I was looking for a little more of a step by step guide. Is it a web hook or a script? What exactly do those lines look like?
Do I have to use webcore? Can the post command just go to the smartthings hub ip instead and that could update my device status?

No, I would just use the IFTTT link you get out of WebCore. If you select that as trigger, (its under virtual devices) it can give you a link. You can then use that link and also pass other info along as JSON data.

Is there a way to do the motion trigger from a physical smartthings sensor to tell a MotionEye camera to start recording?

Or: Have motioneye only record on motion when smartthings mode is away?

Yes. Motion provides a web based command interface but it is disabled by default. If you are running motioneye, you have to add the following to your motion.conf file within the motioneye configuration folder.

webcontrol_localhost off
webcontrol_interface 2
webcontrol_parms 2
webcontrol_port 7999

*****You can substitute any port you want for the one I used.

After you do, you can navigate to the following address: http://IP.OF.MOTION.SERVER:PORT and you will see the http interface and the options that are available to you. You can pause or resume motion detection, start or end a motion detection event or any of the other config options that are available. You would just have to use something like webcore to send an HTTP request to MotionEye when appropriate. For what you want to do, I would recommend setting your motion detection settings in motioneye at the max and then using the HTTP requests to send an event start and event end when appropriate.

Thanks for following up. Got it working.

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