More control for a ceiling fan

So I have 4 basic ceiling fans throughout the house. They all have one romex line running to them. In order to turn on the fan and lights, you have to pull the chord with the switch in the on position ect.

Is there an automated way to control both the fan and the lights without buying multiple smart bulbs for the fans?Some of the fans have around 5 light bulb for 1 fan. That sounds like it will get pretty expensive to automate the fan and lights so I have more control and do not have to pull the chord to make the fan do what I want.

I have already installed smart switches for the 1 romex lines running to the fans so I do have some control, but I want to be able to control the fan speed fan on/off and the fan lights seperatley.

I know I am being pretty picky about it but isn’t that what automation is all about more control of your home. Thanks.

This works well:

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