Monoprice 10761 Multizone Audio and iTach IP2SL

I have a Monoprice (PID 10761) 6-zone multizone whole house audio system (and love it). I am able to control it via iOS app through an iTach IP2SL serial bridge and this app (, so I know IP control is possible. I’ve seen a few posts talking about this integration, but it all seems way too complicated, so I’m starting a new thread to see if anyone wants to solve this please? Would be so great to control zones on/off and volume via the SmartThings app (and automate). Thanks in advance for any help/advice!


I don’t mind getting into the weeds, but I need a place to read about what all of these instructions mean. They all start out like we should know things beginners don’t yet know.

From what I gather, we need to install an app and can customize from there. Whether that’s right or not, are there any tutorials that will show step x step the background work and some custom examples to get control of the amp through iTach from ST?

@randper I have been searching for a “better” solution to integrate, it seems I am not the only person out there that is looking to do the same. I love the Monoprice system and it is the cherry on top to my ST home.

I have watched @Nate_Hales video setup and review, scoured over thread about comparing Control4 and ST for home audio in which @pstuart and @tgauchat had some great discussion.

I too made a post recently in which I wanted to find a way to integrate my #actiontiles setup to allow for controlling my audio configuration with iTunes and Amazon echo.

I have also found another smart audiophile who has made his own app for android (which I am using btw) to control the monoprice system. Here is his app too

I would really like to get some of the awesome brains here in this community together and figure out how to get this done. I know that @RBoy has been making device integrations for #monoprice and is the official listed developer on their site for compatibility with ST. Here’s hoping he could help us…

Sounds interesting. Seeing that the IP2SL uses in part UDP communications, it would be nice if ST fixed their UDP communications first. They introduced a bug in the platform last year which is causing responses from devices to be stripped out so it’s broken communications with many devices (at last count we have developed Apps/DTH’s for Cameras, Audio Receivers, Wifi locks and various other UPnP devices all of which we can’t finish or release because of this platform bug).

Interestingly, there is a patch for it but for some reason ST can’t seem to prioritize deploying it. Frustrating!! Maybe if enough folks push for it they may prioritize fixing it (basic communications).

I wonder if this Hubitat add-on can work in SmartThings?

Any update on integration? I just bought the Monoprice unit and am looking for the best way to integrate it into ST, Alexa, Harmony m, etc.

Running all the cable for the controllers is exhausting. Thanks

I was wondering if the same thing is possible? I know it’s possible by sending IP commands. I’ve bought the Android app and it works flawlessly with it. I have been using webcore and want to be able to turn the zones on/off as well as other commands. I am close to be able to send a custom web request through Webcore, but having a hard time sending the "carriage return (\r\n) required by the API. Anyone out there that can help?
@randper or @keatonhoskins have you been able to find a solution?
I think I have a way of integrating this into ActionTiles, but need to have the first part of Webcore working. Any help is much appreciated

Bumping this to get attention. I would really like to get this type of integration for this amp. Are you using the iTach IP2SL unit to get the IP commands to the Monoprice?

I can’t code at all but I’m happy to help out any way I can by testing any Webcore Pistons.

I’m currently trying to get Redloro’s integration working with a RPi Zero W.


I haven’t been able to find a good solution yet - glad to see some activity here so hopefully somebody can come to the rescue! The @oyzerskiy Webcore approach sounds interesting, can anyone make it work?

I’m not married to the IP2SL, I’m happy to use a RPi with USB-Serial connection too. Just need the software side to work and be integrated with SmartThings for automation.

@randper The reason I don’t want to use a USB->serial connection is that I have an Itach Flex already connected to it and I can use an android app to control it wirelessly. That’s why I wanted to do it through WebCore somehow.
@Its2loud I am using this exact setup in this video (

Yeah. I know the Android or iOS apps work with the iTach but I want to have some integration with SmartThings and Webcore so I can control it through Alex. I don’t want to have to open another app to control the unit. I just don’t know how exactly those apps are getting the messages to the iTach for translation to Serial data. I guess this is where I need to have programming skills. Oh well. Maybe someone will jump in to help out.

@Its2loud, your issue and request is exactly the same as me. I want the exact same thing. Hopefully somebody can help!!

Cool. Hopefully there are others out there who want the same thing. I’m currently trying to integrate Redloro’s Smart App and RPi integration. If I can get that to work, maybe I can get it to work with Alexa as well.

If we can find out how the android app is communicating to the iTach, I’m sure there is a way to integrate that with an RPi and Webcore as well.

Webcore can send GET commands to an IP address.

I am close to getting it integrated with Webcore. I’ve also posted a question on the webcore forum (Monoprice Amp Web Request Help - Piston: Design Help - webCoRE Community Forum)
I am able to send a web request to the Itach API, but I need to be able to send a carriage return to finish the command and am stuck at that last step.
The way the Android app works that communicates with the monoprice receiver is through a TCP connection and the app is written in C# and uses different libraries to accomplish that.

In this case, you would need a POST command to set the command
For example if you want to turn the power on for zone 6, the command is “<16PR01CR” where CR is the carriage return.

Would a line break work in html?
Or can you use ascii?

When you figure this out, please post full tutorial…

Well, my backup plan of controlling this unit via IR has just blown up since the main unit doesn’t have an IR receiver. Commands are sent through the keypads. I didn’'t know that. I guess it’s back to square one. Hoping my Redloro integration works or oyzerskiy can get the Webcore up and running with the iTach.

I got this to finally work. I had to build a new DHT (Right now my code is all over the place in the handler. I am going to clean it up and then I will post a basic one on there which you can build off of). But I got it to send a command to the Itach Flex and it turned my amp on, and then I was able to send a command to change volume, source, etc. I was also able to create an actionTile with it.
**Note, this is only one way communication, so you won’t get any replies back from the amp.

That’s amazing. Great work. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Thank you

Here’s a quick tutorial. I cleaned up most of the DHT, it’s not fully optimized, but it will get you guys going.

  1. Create a new DHT from code
    You can get it from here ( that way if I modify the code, I will just update it there. I might do a github integration later, but in the mean time if anyone wants to modify it and share their changes with me, I’d greatly appreciate it.
  2. Create a new device. Under “Type” Select Amp Switch
  3. Configure the device (Click the gear icon). You’ll need to set the IP and the issuing command you want to use.
    **You can use this as a test command to turn zone 1 on “<11PR01” (no quotes)
    You can find the rest of the command on the last pages of this manual

This is pretty basic, but if anyone wants to help and expand it out, that’s be awesome.
That should be it.
Once you’ve done the above steps, you should be able to add it to WebCore and ActionTiles