Monitor Opening of Car Door

Is there anything out there that will tell me if a car door has opened that integrates with the system or can I use some existing to do this that isn’t awkward and bulky?

Will the accelerometer in the current open/close sensor do the trick or is there something better?

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ODB2 has a door ajar code. Maybe generation 2 of Automatic exposes this to their API. There have been discussions of interfacing with SmartThings.,0,190,246.jpg

Or Mojio doesn’t require your phone:

I really want to flash hue lights when the door opens. Not sure either of these can connect like that right now

Hue has an IFTTT channel. As does Automatic and also SmartThings. But it can be a 15 minute polling delay, which might not work depending on the use case.

I presume this is only for detection while the car is in range of your hub?

Does the door have a built in safety / courtesy light? I’m thinking that we can figure out a way to watch for current flow there…


I’m currently using the ecolink door open sensors for this. It’s a touch awkward but not too bad. I have it mounted low on the door near the hinge so it’s pretty out of the way. Response is instant.