Monitor garage door status for a detached garage 60m from the main building?

Hi again,
I would need some suggestion. Your opinion about technical solution for my question. If any exists :slight_smile:
I live in the flat in a building (4th floor) and my standalone garage is about 60 meters from my flat. I can see it from my window.
Question is:
Is there any (at least theoretical) chance I can monitor door status (open/close) for this garage with SmartThings Hub? Do you see ay suitable solution for this? There is electricity in the garage, if it is important for something.
Wifi from my flat is not reachable in the garage.
Maybe some of you have any experience with something similar.

Looking forward for any opinion, suggestion
Thanks guys

You didn’t say what country you are in, and the device selection does vary somewhat.

The problem you’re describing is pretty typical when somebody has a standalone outbuilding, whether it’s a garage or a barn or a shed or whatever.

The fact that you can’t get Wi-Fi there it does reduce your options somewhat, but having electricity increases them again. However, one way or another you will need to get either WiFi or Internet to the garage. So start thinking about that.

Take a look at the how to article in the community – created wiki on “automating an outbuilding“ and it will list most of the options.

Thanks JD,
I will go thru linked article.
I was wondering if some z-wave sensor could work at that distance. As I read z-wave has bigger range compared to zigbee standard
I am in Slovakia (but wondering to use US ST hub, just to make things more complicated :))) or let say challanging :slight_smile:

Z wave plus does have a longer range than zigbee, but WiFi has a longer range than both of those. If you aren’t getting Wi-Fi in the garage it would be very unlikely that you would get zwave plus there.

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I was able to do it with zwave+.

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Hi guys,
does anybody have this Aeotec Door/Window sensor 6?

if so can you tell me how far from Hub it can communicate?


If Lora radio based sensors are legal in your country, that might be an option for you. Some of them say the range is several miles. They wouldn’t likely be compatible with smartthings, but if you just want to be informed if the door was left open by mistake, that might be okay.

I personally haven’t tried these devices, so you will likely have to do your own research for features and ease of implementation.