Modify Tile elements using cli

I need to modify the default Tile elements on UI - but not sure what is the best way.

We have SmartSense Multisensor and Aeotec Multisensor6 (as sample) and at UI will be show the “closed” symbol and “Closed” text only - not very useful for a multisensor :wink: Same for Aeotec MS6 - here will be shown the motion/no motion in symbol and label.

I would like to display the temperature value at the label instead of the text - the state will be shown still with the symbols.

The only way I found is to copy/modify the DH from device and using cli recreate all capabilities, create new presentation and so on… Then at the end of all can build my config.

Isn’t there a more effective (user friendly) way for such a simple modification?
Have tried with presentation:device-config:create -j -i deviceConfig.json - but it seems it will not take such modifications - or I haven’t found it in documentation :wink:


Welcome, Michael! :smiley: Up to now, modifying the stock capabilities UI (labels, icons, etc.) is not available. The path you mention is correct:

  • Create custom capabilities with the config you need
  • Add those capabilities to your Custom DTH
  • Generate the device-config file and modify it accordingly
  • Use the command presentation:device-config:create
  • Get the vid and mnmn properties from the command’s output and add them to your DTH.
  • Verify the presentation used by your device querying the device’s list from the API.

The simplest answer, no - the custom presentation is the only way.

Ask your question on this thread: Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview - Developer Programs / Tutorials - SmartThings Community There’s a lot of people helping folks through this kind of customization.

That said, note that the DTH for Aeon Multisensor 6 is currently a default DTH provided by Samsung and is in fact local operation capable… Which means when the dev team releases local automations to the masses, you can use this device in a local execution automation. Now, if you create a copy of the DTH so you can customize it with a presentation - that’s now a custom DTH and will no longer be eligible for local operations.

So the question you need to ask, what’s more important - a custom button or local operation? For me I rarely actually use the app to control anything so i know what my answer is. Your mileage may vary.

Sure - local operation… It’s not a “design” problem for me - but for customers.
It’s a shame that the dev team didn’t plan something like this for multisensor devices.

I hope it will be available soon - even for local operation devices.
The user acceptance of the whole system is depending on the user friendly usage.
If the end user see the UI with the purchased sensors without the needed data - he will not like it.
(I know, there are alternate UI solutions,… but why he should take it? He should like the original :wink: )

If there is an easy way for a programmer/designer to change it - would be nice.

Yes, I understand. Actually, another developer requested the feature to change the label’s value. I’ll add your comment to the report generated.
If you have another feature request, you can send an email to to present it formally.

How can I see it - what is eligible for local operations?
In the devices table the modified SmartSense Multi Sensor with custom DTH (modified Tile) is still shown as “Local” - other (Xiaomi) with new custom DTH (was not existing) as “Cloud”.

Thanks for your help!

You’re looking in the right place- there is no master list. We know the DTH has to be produced by Samsung themselves - so that means no custom DTH’s. Then the DTH actually has to be loaded in the hub firmware. (This is the sticking point- we don’t have a list) Some have seen flags in certain DTHs that describe the DTH as LOCAL - but we’ve also seen DTHs with those flags that AREN’T local. (Which means it may have the flags, but doesn’t actually exist in the hub firmware)

So right now, basically its: Change DTH, see what happens - in that very list in your screenshot.

Those of us in the local op beta have asked for more clarity and more importantly more options. There was a post by one of the team that promises that better ways are coming - hold tight. (We suspect its tied to whatever they’re doing about ZWave and Zigbee devices AFTER the IDE goes away - but no details yet. only ‘Coming soon’)

Additional would be nice to modify the icon - if it is wrong (maybe from existing list only would help)…
I have added a Philio Motion sensor (Z-Wave), was not recognized as motion sensor but as contact.
No problem at all, changed the type to Z-Wave Motion sensor from list - but the icon at tile is still the old one - the contact. Sensor is working now as expected.

EDIT: in the meantime the icon was corrected, maybe a cache problem. Anyway would be nice to have the option to modify the icon set :wink: